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Evolve offers tailored solutions that shape space, connect people and support new ways of working. Evolve provides the backbone to building complete office landscapes. Stackable panels shape space without relying on existing walls. Fabric, laminate, metal and glass finish options support varying privacy, acoustical and aesthetic requirements. Meet how you want and where you want. From huddle areas to project rooms, carve out spaces to support different ways of collaborating. Unitized panels offer maximum strength and durability to support future reconfigurations. Evolve’s simple kit of parts makes it easy to reconfigure and re-shape space as you need it.

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workstations. office design. workstations. office design. office panels. office partitioning. office partitioning. office partitioning. office desk barbados. office desk barbados. office furniture store barbados. office furniture store barbados. Office desk. office desk. office furniture store. office furniture store. Dillon Amber Dane can meets all your desk and workstation needs – from reception areas to executive offices. With hundreds of components available in a wide selection of color combinations, we can provide the ultimate in flexibility and modularity.

Create standard desks, personalized executive offices, reception stations, teaming work spaces, or boardrooms with flexible versatility.All surfaces are constructed from premium grade and high performance laminate. Freestanding and fully modular or fixed, our collection offers it all. Over 1000 components offering endless possibilities to fit you and your space. A variety of storage options allows you to do more with less space. Open storage pieces, floating modesties and overlapping surfaces create visual appeal. Ideal for commercial/corporate offices, government offices, small businesses, banking, legal, accounting, hospitality or the professional home office. Our contemporary desks include extensive options to personalize your workspace. For the managerial application or executive office, create a work environment that meets your work surface needs and storage requirements. Then go ahead and personalize it!
Select from the following: hundreds of components for any size or shape office, storage components that can tower to 84″ high, wide selection of laminate finishes, several edge options and thickness sizes, handle options in silver, black, nickel or brass finishes, glazing options on doors and modesty panels, and lastly, work surface grommets and power blocks for your electrical needs. Dillon Amber Dane has your most functional solution to work environment efficiency and organization.

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