Starwall Application at a Toyota Showroom

Starwall Movable Walls (also known as movable partitioning) combines uncompromised aesthetics, unparalleled flexibility, with product design that supports sustainability, all at an affordable first cost. At comparable or lower prices (depending on the configuration), these partitioning systems provide a modern and dynamic look. In addition, Starwall excels due to several other advantages which include:

– Range of selection: A variety of materials, colors, modulations, and height are available

– Flexibility: Starwall is a fully movable product that can be dismantled and reassembled at any time. Change comes with minimal downtime, cost and the initial installation involves half the amount of time compared to drywall.  Starwall installations are also done with little to no dust, paint smell and waste involved – making it an environmentally friendly option.

– At only 10% of the cost of drywall when remodelling the walls.

– A superior Sound Transmission Class (STC 41). STC 41 = The loud voice is heard but not understood. Loud music is    heard clearly.

– Manufacturing of any kind places burden on the environment. Environmental responsibility begins with a products ability to support change and reuse.

Starwall Movable Walls are honestly the most logical and economical solution to standard construction walls and there are endless applications for these partitioning movable walls!

We are happy to visit your space and provide a consultation on how Starwall Movable Walls can be beneficial to your office! Visit our store in Fontabelle to learn more and see the product on display!