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A sophisticated kitchen with a cosmopolitan feel, distinguished by all-Italian DNA.
If you’re dreaming of a sophisticated kitchen, one where the details truly make the difference – the DeLinea model designed by Vuesse could very well be the perfect solution.
Harmonious and seductive silhouettes, trendy materials and a truly contemporary modularity. The result is the creation of settings with a strong styling impact and at the same time, a powerful sense of hospitality. DeLinea is a handle-free kitchen and features special processing on the door: a recessed aluminium profile cut at a 45° angle for an easier grip, available in the same colour as the recessed grip profile. A detail with doubtless stylistic appeal. There are multiple composition possibilities (island, corner or peninsula), all affording variations on the theme of elegance. The open-fronted elements, together with the elegant steel shelves are further features which add movement to the design, enhancing the available storage space. The extensive choice of finishes also makes it possible to recreate interesting tactile sensations and customise every aspect of the DeLinea model.

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kitchen cabinetry. kitchen cabinetry. kitchen cabinetry. kitchen cabinets. kitchen cabinets. kitchen cabinets. barbados showroom. barbados showroom. barbados showroom. kitchens caribbean. kitchens caribbean. Dillon Amber Dane is the proud authorized dealers in Barbados of Scavolini Kitchens. Visit our store in Fontabelle to see it on display. Scavolini has been Italy’s leading kitchen brand since 1984. Motus are those industrial kitchens you’ve been dreaming of. This project by Scavolini, brings together function and entertainment, privacy and familiarity, using “independent” elements that can be put together and taken apart, and even recombined over time, based on the available space and functional needs. Motus is industrial kitchens. The idea of kitchen and living room evolves in total creative liberty. A brand new proposal that allows an infinite number of configurations: surprising not only in its unusual lines but also in its essential and elegant design with details that reveal a new identity of the environment we work and live in today. Marks of distinction include the asymmetric opening of the door with no handle, the unique interpretation of the glass door, the geometry of the shaped drawer, the new island and peninsula units; and the sophisticated chromatic range of the elements (gloss and matte lacquer or melamine with matching finishes) proposed in a line dedicated to today’s most popular colours. Motus is industrial kitchens. Visit our kitchen store in barbados.

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