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“L’Eau” is an elegant yet modern transparent counter stool featuring a clear plastic seat with an eye-catching ripple pattern resembling concentric waves. The conical 4-leg metal frame is enclosed by a ring footrest guarantees maximum stability and comfort. The materials used are both sturdy and lightweight.
Available to special order in a range of different finishes and colours.
Dimensions : 16.5″(w) x 17″(d) x 33.5″(h) x 26″(sh)
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L’EAU model stool, with metal frame and technopolymer shell.Stool with a colourful and transparent shell featuring an eye-catching “water wave” pattern. The technopolymer seat has concentric waves just like ripples in water, moving outwards from the centre. The 4-star base in tubular metal is thin and sturdy. Circular footrest. A light stool, ideal for placing next to a breakfast bar in a modern kitchen or for a wine bar, choose it in the finish you prefer.In 90 years, we have seen many changes at Calligaris, indeed, we ourselves have promoted change. We did so by designing and creating furniture and furnishing accessories ready to enter the most diverse of homes and find their place there, harmonizing with different styles, resulting in unique environments, as, deep down, all homes are. We can experiment, change and innovate because we know who we are and what our brand represents for those who choose it: a guarantee of quality and creativity at an accessible price, design that is contemporary, flexible, and intelligent.

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